Here I am with the third issue of this Monero-related cheatsheets series. Just a quick recap of previous episodes:

My study of Monero is going on. After addresses and keys types I have been conquered by Ring Signatures: do you want to sign something without revealing you are the signer? Well that’s the right schema for ya!

Zero to Monero: Second Edition chapters 2 and 3 and its mentioned…

Monero’s commitment to privacy makes studying it very instructive regarding advanced cryptographic basics, techniques, primitives. Apart from the nowadays ubiquitous Elliptic Curves algebra, you can find a number of “trendy” or “foundational” topics:

  • Zero Knowledge Proofs (I guess lately it’s a cool topic even if you aren’t a Zcash guy…

Venice 1866 — Citizens of San Marco neighborhood going to vote, R. Pontremoli — via Wikipedia

Trying to understand how QPs act in “real world”, where marginal probabilities could be variable due to probability’s bounded-nature

April 27th, 2021 EDIT

Recently the article has been rewritten in LaTeX to use a typesetting environment more suitable for this kind of content, and is now available on arXiv:2104.12700 (cs.GT) too.


  • an inspiring article about quadratic payments
  • a simple referendum model introducing generic marginal probability
  • how quadratic payments could…

I have spent quite a lot of my spare time in the last couple of years self-studying Bitcoin and open, public, borderless, neutral, censorship resistant blockchains world. I really look at the ledgers industry in admiration, not only from a technological and multidisciplinary point of view but mostly as a…

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