Ring Signatures Cheatsheet

My study of Monero is going on. After addresses and keys types I have been conquered by Ring Signatures: do you want to sign something without revealing you are the signer? Well that’s the right schema for ya!

Zero to Monero: Second Edition chapters 2 and 3 and its mentioned sources are a great source of information about it for guys with my background (a BS in Communication Engineering, some Physics studies and experience coming from 20+ years working in IT, but not always comfortable when dealing only with math formalism).

That said, I was missing a visual renderer of what I was learning… I guess it’s something related to my cognitive bias, I feel to master a topic if I’m able to summary it with arrows, blocks and stuff like that… someone would call it “visual memory”. So I did it by myself and it resulted in the poster-size infographic below.

Let me say that “by myself” is perhaps too presumptuous. I haven’t introduced anything original in the content; but I’m proud of the way I have summarized everything in the space of an A3 (a 297mm x 420mm sheet, if you don’t live in Italy), trying to introduce new concepts step-by-step, relying on previous infos.

In a give-back effort, I have proposed it (as I did for my previous cheatsheet) for Monero official site Library section, via Pull Request #1496

Enjoy and wish you good study! :-)

March 16th, 2021 EDIT

The original cheatsheet, without any change, has been accepted as part of Monero documentation and published on Resources/Library section of official site.

“Easter-egg” just for geek fun: a part of original paper & pencil notes :-)

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